What we do

Designing and developing inspiring and sustainable living environments is the passion of AM. With societal challenges at the heart of our development process, unique and high-quality areas for living, working, shopping and recreation are created. This ensures both the quality of space and the quality of life.

At the core of AM's focus lies area development. Through an integrated approach, comprehensive plans emerge where every aspect is considered. From this large-scale approach, we are able to address various issues at a higher level. This extends beyond buildings and houses to encompass employment, health, nature, energy and transportation.

In addition to residential development, AM also focuses on developing innovative and inspiring offices in prominent locations. These are spaces that inspire people, offices where movement, interaction and connection are central. With a focus on sustainability, health, well-being and all the facilities for hybrid working methods.

Driven by our intrinsic motivation and various societal challenges, we harness creativity and research to develop new residential and office concepts. With a passionate team of concept developers and market researchers, we find solutions to complex challenges, thereby keeping the housing market accessible to everyone.