Area development

As area developers, we play a role as facilitators and directors in collaborating with various partners such as governments, (future) residents, entrepreneurs and architects to develop and implement a suitable area concept. These are areas where people can live, work, recreate and stay in a pleasant environment.

Integrated Approach

Through an integrated and large-scale approach, we are able to address issues at a higher level. This goes beyond buildings and houses; it also encompasses employment, health, nature, energy and transportation. This results in areas that are sustainable and have long-lasting high-quality.

Seeking the DNA of the place

Our focus is on developing areas of high quality that retain their value in the long term. The path to achieving this involves a dynamic process where we develop a shared DNA for the area with various stakeholders. This DNA guides us throughout the entire development process.

AM Lab

The area DNA forms the basis for a strong, distinctive and universally embraced area vision. Property development then supports this as a component, alongside other connecting elements such as mobility and sustainability, as well as other local and national issues specific to the location.

Within the AM Lab, in-house disciplines such as area marketing, concept development and area and spatial economics are combined. This enables us to arrive at renewed ideas, concepts and plans in an integrated manner.

Mixed Use

In our programs for existing and new areas, we increasingly integrate various functions. Residential, commercial, retail and recreational activities intertwine and reinforce each other when brought together in an area.

AM is knowledgeable in all aspects related to contemporary living. Even within buildings, AM often combines diverse functions and target groups. Through this mix—augmented by additional amenities and services—cross-pollination occurs, leading to unique concepts. By maintaining close ties with residents, entrepreneurs, retailers and community organizations, AM utilizes mixed-use to impart areas with a distinct signature.