Move to climate positivity

In our area developments, we go to great lengths to minimize the impact on the Earth. We respond to both current and future climates. We opt for renewable energy, make circularity a core value, and choose smart solutions that enhance the beauty of the world. Not just conserving energy but generating energy. Always giving more than taking for the sake of the next generation.

Our ambition: climate positive in 2035

How can a area developer work towards a positive climate impact? It’s one of our central questions. We have set a clear goal: by 2035, we aim to develop in a climate-positive manner.

Sustainability strategy

The challenge of making our living environment more sustainable is vast and complex. Area development provides an opportunity to devise innovative, integrated solutions for sustainable, accessible, and climate-resistant neighborhoods and cities. AM collaborates with diverse partners on innovative and scalable solutions for areas. We focus on sustainability goals such as energy transition, circular development, climate adaptation, biodiversity, sustainable mobility, and end-user engagement.