Impact themes

AM operates from a strong societal commitment. Societal issues are not abstract challenges but concrete questions from people. As a area developer, we actively work on solutions for current, urgent issues. We have categorized these current and urgent issues into three impact themes that serve as a guiding principle for our work.

Move to climate positivity

In our area developments, we go to great lengths to minimize the impact on the Earth. We respond to both current and future climates. We opt for renewable energy, make circularity a core value, and choose smart solutions that enhance the beauty of the world. Not just conserving energy but generating energy. Always giving more than taking for the sake of the next generation.

Design for wellbeing

Through thoughtful choices, we add healthy years to the lives of residents and area users. We create a responsible, vital environment that invites people of all ages to move and bring out the best in themselves. With all the space to determine their own balance and truly relax. To fully enjoy life. We develop concepts where the well-being of residents and users takes center stage. We operate on three levels, namely our three G's, leading to healthier people in healthy buildings. These are the Building, the Area, and Behavior.

Create social impact

We focus on all members of society—individuals with diverse interests, each with their own dreams. As placemakers, we create space for well-being and happiness: at home, at work, while shopping, or relaxing. A beautiful, secure environment with homes for every budget. And appealing gathering spaces where a community thrives because everyone feels welcome.

Panorama 2050

The world of placemakers is in full motion within a dynamic and increasingly integral field of forces. With our PanorAMa 2050, we outline the future of spatial development, and guided by our three impact themes, we give substance to it. PanorAMa 2050 is a playful exploration of the future of spatial development, constructed on the knowledge of the present. It has been developed based on trend research, interviews, and creative workshops with the AM team.