Special living community for active 55-plussers De Stadsveteraan, Amsterdam

Our society is rapidly aging. Both the share of seniors in the total population and the average age are increasing. At the same time, this group is also staying independent for longer. This has major implications, especially for housing. With 'De Stadsveteraan', AM offers a suitable housing concept.

  • Senior Housing
  • Community facilities
  • Part of Amstelkwartier

Heren 5 architecten


Woonzorg Nederland


BAM, Heijmans


Under construction




106, 10,700 square meters


106 sociale huurwoningen

Number of homes

Strong connection to the city

The housing concept "Stadsveteranen" is aimed at seniors who wish to (continue to) live in the city, the so-called "Stadsveteranen." A Stadsveteraan is strongly connected to the city and the local community. The diversity and dynamics of the city energize them. They consciously choose a small and compact one- or two-room apartment and share many facilities in the building. In return, they get the liveliness of the city and the complex. When filling the housing concept, we aim for a mix of vital 60-, 70-, and 80-year-olds who form a community and help each other out when needed. Now or in the future.

A Stadsveteraan is a vital senior, strongly connected to the city.

The Stadsveteraan in the Amstelkwartier

The Stadsveteraan will be located in the Amstelkwartier in Amsterdam, a new neighborhood between the Spaklerweg and the Duivendrechtsevaart, beautifully situated at the bend of the Amstel River. Here, a diverse green neighborhood is emerging for living, working, and recreation. The park and the monumental buildings of the former Zuidergasfabriek are characteristic of the neighborhood. These will be repurposed for the community. The neighborhood will be built in three phases, totaling approximately 3300 new homes in the Amstelkwartier.


The Stadsveteraan is based on the Friends housing concept of AM and is being realized in collaboration with Woonzorg Nederland and Heren 5 architects. It is specifically designed for vital seniors who consciously choose a Friends-like housing option, combining communal living with a significant degree of independence. They can share various facilities as desired. In De Stadsveteraan, there are plenty of opportunities to socialize while also having space to retreat to one's own apartment. As a result, the building addresses both the increasing loneliness among seniors and contributes to the necessary turnover in a healthy housing market.