Office development

An office is more than just a workplace. It should be a place that inspires people, a place where movement, interaction and connection are central. With a focus on sustainability, health, well-being, and equipped with all the facilities for hybrid working methods.

Good office in the right location

The gap between good offices in excellent locations and poor offices in lesser locations is widening. There's a continuous shortage of offices in multimodal public transport locations and near city centers. Therefore, AM focuses on these locations. In addition to the location and programming of the office, we prioritize the highest standards of sustainability in office development. This ensures that we meet the highest sustainability standards, which we qualify according to EU taxonomy standards.

Office concept: Reinventing the Office

With our office concept, "Reinventing the Office," we develop and design the ideal working environment. Inspiration, movement, interaction and connection are at the core of this concept. Taking the users as our starting point, we make bold choices in terms of design, technology and health to ensure that everyone feels at home in the office.


AM develops shopping areas with creativity and courage, recognizing their significant influence on users' daily lives and their contribution to quality of life. These areas serve important connecting and social functions. We transform existing retail locations into vital, multifunctional and livable shopping areas. We develop completely new (neighborhood) shopping centers that provide a significant social boost to an area.

Quality always takes precedence over quantity for us. This may lead to fewer leasable square meters, but more public spaces and other amenities to meet the needs of visitors. A service-oriented approach and social interaction are the key tools for a shopping center to play a meaningful role for today's consumer. All this is aimed at improving sustainable real estate value for the owner.

A great example of creating a neighborhood's heart is the Kerkelanden shopping center, for which we even won the NRW Yearly Award.

The new Hart van de Waalsprong shopping center is a beautiful example of how we provide sustainable and future-proof filling for a new heart and central area of the similarly named area development.