Design for wellbeing

Through thoughtful choices, we add healthy years to the lives of residents and area users. We create a responsible, vital environment that invites people of all ages to move and bring out the best in themselves. With all the space to determine their own balance and truly relax. To fully enjoy life.

We develop concepts where the well-being of residents and users takes center stage. We operate on three levels, namely our three G’s, leading to healthier people in healthy buildings. These are the Building, the Area, and Behavior.


First and foremost, the building itself must be healthy. This involves avoiding the use of toxic materials, ensuring sufficient daylight, a healthy indoor climate, and attention to acoustics. AM delivers consistently high quality, surpassing building regulations, with the health of residents or employees as the primary goal.

AM, as a founding partner of the Blue Building Institute, is involved in the further development of the WELL Building Standard. This system is the standard for healthy buildings. The WELL Building Standard guides us in developing our buildings. For example, all our offices are automatically equipped with a WELL certificate, and our residential buildings are assessed against the technical requirements of WELL.

Of course, our own AM office is also WELL certified, making it the first existing office in the Netherlands to achieve this certification.


As a area developer, we take the lead in developing inspiring and sustainable living environments. In these areas, the interaction between buildings is crucial, as well as the programming and the context of the area and its surroundings. To ensure that the area also contributes to the health of its users, the Health Impact Assessment has been developed in collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This tool helps developers design areas with livability in mind, providing space for (social) interaction and encouraging physical activity. This results in a pleasant and enjoyable area for staying, meeting, and moving, preferably by bike or on foot.


We consider it of great importance to contribute to people’s healthy lifestyles. As a area developer, AM has an impact on creating an environment where people stay healthy: physically, socially, and mentally. The built environment is part of the solution. A built environment is only healthy when it meets the primary needs, namely ensuring safety, promoting social cohesion, facilitating a healthy lifestyle, and providing a space where people can develop themselves.

AM & Hartstichting join forces for healthy area developments

If neighborhoods in the Netherlands were much healthier, with areas featuring healthy buildings, ample space for physical activity, and where healthy nutrition is the norm rather than the exception, we could significantly alleviate the increasing pressure on healthcare. Area developer AM and the Heart Foundation are collaborating intensively to make this a reality.