Concept development

Harnessing creativity and research for new concepts is essential given the current societal challenges. Through intensive, interdisciplinary collaboration, both within AM and with our partners and clients, we find solutions to complex challenges.

Homes that are feasible and affordable

The housing market is extremely dynamic. Anyone delving into the housing market can see that there is still a significant gap between supply and demand. The challenge for the coming years lies in homes that cater to the aging population and homes that are feasible and affordable.

We recognized this trend very early on and have been proactively developing various housing concepts for several years now. We don't just focus on the home itself but also consider accompanying amenities that make living more attractive.

Co-living concepts

The age group of 25 to 34-year-olds is the fastest-growing demographic in our cities. One of the key challenges in the housing market is providing affordable housing options for young people. This can be achieved through innovative forms of co-living. AM has developed concepts such as Friends and Urban Millennials to address this need.

Seniors and care

The increasing aging population and the demand for healthcare are significant developments impacting the housing market. AM specializes in developing properties tailored to seniors and care needs. As one of the few area developers, we have a dedicated team of specialists for this purpose. We have developed concepts such as Stadsveteranen and Let's Live to cater to this demographic.

Office concept

With our office concept, Reinventing the Office, we develop and design the ideal working environment. Inspiration, movement, interaction and connection are at the heart of this concept. Putting users first, we make bold choices in design, technology and health to ensure that everyone feels at home in the office.