Seniors and care

AM specializes in developing properties specifically tailored to seniors and healthcare needs. As one of the few developers in this field, we have a dedicated team of specialists. We translate market trends into living environments and residential care concepts for seniors.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for seniors, just as there isn’t for healthcare. We develop customized solutions. Whether it’s for active seniors, individuals needing some support, or those with more significant care needs such as seniors with vascular dementia, we create homes, buildings, and environments that prioritize social interaction and physical activity. Sustainability, health, and well-being are always key considerations in our developments. We place residents at the forefront, and participation isn’t just a slogan for us—it’s a deliberate choice.

Intermediate residential care

Between independent living and residential care, there are numerous other housing options available. These involve buildings where individuals live independently, but where personalized care is continuously active. We collaborate with partners in the fields of welfare, services, healthcare and housing to ensure these needs are met.

Severe care cases

Sometimes, residing in a care facility is the best choice for the elderly, their partners and their caregivers. For them, too, we develop a new home. This includes comfortable studios, inviting activity areas, efficient support, care, and office spaces. We also focus on providing good outdoor spaces for exercise and social interaction.

Concept Stadsveteranen

Our society is aging rapidly. Both the proportion of seniors in the total population and the average age are increasing. The housing concept Stadsveteranen is aimed at seniors who prefer to (continue to) live in the city: the Stadsveteraan. A Stadsveteraan is deeply connected to the city and the local community. They consciously choose a small and compact one- or two-room apartment and share many facilities in the building. In return, they enjoy the liveliness of the city and the complex.

In the building, Stadsveteranen have access to various shared spaces. For example, a rooftop garden, a communal living room with reading table, guest rooms and a sports or hobby room. Residents may also share cars. In close consultation with the residents, facilities or services such as a laundry service, kiosk, or handyman service can be established or offered in the building.

Concept Let’s Live

Between fully independent living for seniors and admission to a nursing home, there exists a significant gap in the Netherlands. There is an urgent need for an alternative intermediate form. For this purpose, we developed the concept Let's Live!, the new style of assisted living. "Let's Live!" stands for comfortable, adaptable homes for vulnerable individuals in a sheltered and clustered setting, within a barrier-free, mixed neighborhood. We focus on individuals who can rely on the proximity and availability of excellent facilities, services and 24/7 care.