Vital environment

Iconic architecture in a spectacular setting. Bold, green and healthy, both inside and out. An enhancement for the environment. A sustainable office where you enjoy coming and want to stay. Because everything truly fits together. Your workspace, as well as all the facilities that make life more enjoyable. Here, you feel welcome.

Healthy and sustainable

In your organization, just like in ours, people are your greatest asset. We create a working environment in which employees can be optimally productive. No isolated cubicles, but pleasant meeting spots. Places where you can work with focus and room for relaxation in between. Well-thought-out climate control, pleasant lighting and a varied selection of healthy and responsible food. In short, comfort that's even better than home. Because we want every employee to walk in happily and leave energized at the end of the day.

WELL Certification
When it comes to the health and well-being of building users, WELL sets the standard. WELL focuses on areas such as air, water, light, nutrition, vitality, comfort and a healthy mind.

The WELL Building Standard is based on independent medical and scientific research, making it an objective benchmark for quality. The system provides owners and managers with clear insights into the impact their building has on users' cardiovascular, respiratory, visual, skin and brain health.

  • As one of the first developers, AM obtained the prestigious 'ready for WELL' certification for the World Trade Center in Utrecht;

  • Our own office, the AM House in Utrecht, proves that existing buildings can also obtain WELL certification;

  • We are particularly proud of the WELL-certified HELIX building being developed in a prominent location along the A2 highway. Here, AM applies all the WELL lessons learned from previous projects. Literally reinventing the office.


Interaction with the environment

We believe that an office building should also be attractive to those who don't enter it. That's why we focus on creating a good interaction between the outside and inside, between greenery, glass and stones. We pay attention to detailing and prefer beautiful, sustainable materials because they make people happier.

Opting for Mixed Use
We don't see "ground floor spaces" merely as commercial square meters that generate rent, but as opportunities to make a building, street and neighborhood attractive for everyone, whether during office hours or beyond.

The environment becomes livelier and stays cosier when our offices offer facilities that are attractive to residents in the surrounding areas as well. That's why we consider the wishes of parties who can contribute to this quality during the design phase. We are also practical. Our preference is urban locations near public transport hubs because we know that being stuck in traffic doesn't promote well-being.


Iconic Design

There are plenty of unremarkable buildings in our country. AM creates eye-catching structures that make you pause for a moment. Buildings you'd like to step into. It always starts with our choice of a leading architect whom we ask to create an iconic design.

The future workplace must not only be beautiful but also functional and technologically advanced. Sustainable, comfortable, healthy and safe. To realize all these ambitions, we opt for an integrated approach, working as a team with all design disciplines from the outset. Fortunately, this is something we enjoy and excel at.

Together, we develop an ideal office environment that aligns with the owner's preferences and meets the needs of users now and in the future.

We collaborate with partners who ensure innovative installation techniques. Additionally, we involve sustainability experts in our projects. This can lead to surprising material choices. Because biodiversity significantly contributes to the happiness of users, we incorporate as much greenery as possible into every design. Both indoors and outdoors – and of course, on the roof.