Powered people

You work from home or at the office. If you go to the office, you choose the workspace that fits your plan for the day. Here, you can be your best self. Seize opportunities. Realize ambitions. Excel. And then relax: celebrating life with your colleagues. You know you’re privileged to have such a stimulating work environment. You’d want to give everyone such an environment to thrive in.

Encouraging healthy behavior

There is increasing attention to the health of employees. Think of a responsible lunch, taking into account personal conscious preferences: varied, vegetarian, or even vegan - and always rich in vitamins. If you want to break up the long workday, you can - alone or with colleagues - use the yoga room, cycling or fitness room. To then get back to work with full energy.

Light and air
Good lighting in the office contributes greatly to the well-being of employees. Where possible, we create the opportunity in our buildings to enjoy the fresh air in a relaxed atmosphere. Not only in the beautifully landscaped environment at street level.

In our project Crossover in the center of Amsterdam, you will find a terrace on every floor. These meeting spaces are used intensively, both during and after work. In AM's vision, such facilities are an absolute must to sustainably bind self-aware employees to their organization.

Smart Building Technology

More and more professionals consider sustainability important and critically assess their employer's performance in this area. They expect their workplace to meet high standards. AM responds to this by setting ambitious performance goals and integrating Smart Building Technology into all projects. The results are presented to employees and visitors of the building on a dashboard in the central hall.

This dashboard displays real-time data such as temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, particulate matter levels and the concentration of ozone and volatile organic compounds. AM also offers the option of an app through which employees can connect with the office building: to reserve a parking spot in advance, choose a workspace, view the lunch menu, or quickly locate their teammates using their mobile phones.

Smart collaborative spaces

Exchanging personal contacts, sharing ideas within a group and accomplishing tasks together: everyone knows how vital these activities are for enjoying work. That's why we view collaborative spaces in the office as the most important areas for well-being, happiness and a healthy work environment. When designing collaborative spaces, we prioritize freedom and independence because people always desire something different. Whether it's grabbing a coffee, catching up quickly or getting to know each other better. Collaborating in teams or presenting new ideas. Celebrating or working on a challenging issue away from the hustle and bustle.

That's why we provide open and more secluded coffee corners, small and larger rooms where groups feel immediately at home, halls for events and festive gatherings, as well as soundproof concentration areas.

Collaborative spaces in AM projects are versatile, easily adaptable and linked. This is because facilitating personal contact is the primary goal of an office building.

Natural well-being

Throughout all spaces in the office, plants contribute to a sense of well-being. They are decorative, but they also genuinely enhance the health of employees. Plants create atmosphere, much like at home. They work to reduce stress. Less known is their ability to help dampen noise. Additionally, green plants contribute to a natural moisture balance and promote air purification.

Practical benefits
We prefer to situate our projects in urban environments where living, working, and recreation are integrated naturally. This keeps the streets, squares and parks dynamic even outside working hours. Thus, the iconic office building becomes a friendly landmark, attracting younger residents to the neighborhood. We consider it crucial that the immediate surroundings are perceived as safe by users and residents.

Not everyone wants or can live close to work. Therefore, we also ensure that the office is easily accessible, ideally located near public transportation hubs.

Inspiring work environment

Young professionals are completely done with video calls in sweatpants. They want to celebrate life at the office. Live. They want to truly collaborate with teammates who are also bursting with energy to achieve ambitions. For this reason, AM's offices are highly favored by the Human Resource Management department. They find in practice that the well-being of employees is directly related to the quality of the accommodation.

Research indicates
In an inspiring building where movement, encounter and connection are central, people are more energetic.

Research shows that this leads to higher motivation, better productivity, an excellent work atmosphere, and higher employee satisfaction. In a dynamic office, there is less absenteeism, and recovery after a period of absence is shorter. After all, the employee wants to return to that pleasant workplace.