Healthy heart

An interior that invites you to take the next step. To rise above yourself. Not a collection of desks, but a stage for new ways of working. With attention to mental and physical well-being. Dynamic design creates space for connection. For energetic interaction with your teammates. To inspire and be inspired. Everyone feels: this is where it happens. This is the future.

Movement and meeting

We encourage healthy and efficient work. Our buildings encourage users to be dynamic: to move and meet and connect.

Don't sit statically behind a desk all day, you can do that at home. The office of the future is the place where professionals make contacts, exchange ideas, help each other. Of course, there are attractive concentration spots. But in our vision, the meeting places are essential. That's where you see others. And where you can show yourself.

Spectacular atrium
AM prefers to shape office concepts around a spacious atrium. A high, open space is the perfect hang-out for hybrid workers who want to make the most of their shorter presence in the office.

Spontaneous contacts are easily made here. The glorious light contributes to the well-being of the users. As does the fact that our office buildings preferably have four floors. Thanks to the large floor areas, this provides a spacious spatial experience.

The staircase as a focal point

The meeting place par excellence is the large staircase that we place centrally in the atrium. You could call it a design object that seduces the users of the building to get moving. Because on the way up you meet interesting people. And because the different levels offer a splendid perspective on the comings and goings of acquaintances. So you leave the elevator aside. And that's better for everyone.

Showcase: HELIX
In Leidsche Rijn, AM realizes the ideal office for hybrid workers. When you drive past the A12, the iconic staircase beckons behind the transparent facade.

Everything in this multi-tenant building is aimed at movement, meeting and connection. With a floor area of 10,000 m2, you have all the space you need, yet you feel sheltered. In the well-thought-out details, you experience a profound attention to sustainability, health and well-being. This is how HELIX stimulates you to rise above yourself in the office. To celebrate life, every day you're inside.

Human scale

Recent years have taught us that demands placed on an office building can change quickly. AM has always taken this into account. And now more than ever. We have been opting for relatively low-rise buildings for years because we value the human scale. After all, nobody goes to work happily on the 20th floor. This comes in handy now that elevators are a bottleneck. The inviting and comfortable stairs in our offices turn out to be a solution. They encourage employees to get moving. If necessary, distance can easily be maintained.

Future-proof installations
The extensive floor areas in our buildings are designed to be flexible and can be rearranged and changed. It's easy to switch to other functions: from workspace to meeting room or gathering space. The installation technology is fully prepared for this so that lighting, air purification and electronic connections are optimal even in the changed setup. If, in the distant future, there is a desire to give the office a completely different function, such as a hotel.