Living with splendor in a new part of Eindhoven The Social Hub, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

The Social Hub (formerly The Student Hotel) is a proven concept, where students can rent fully furnished student apartments for short or long periods of time. The Social Hubs have proven their value in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Now, Eindhoven also has a hotel with this formula.

  • Centrally located
  • Urban amenities for residents
  • Optimal living and recreation

Sarafopoulos Architects, de Architecten Cie


Gemeente Eindhoven, The Social Hub


BAM Bouw en Techniek






400 apartments

Number of homes
Design for wellbeing

Part of Lightyards

The Social Hub is the first building in the larger area development of Lightyards, where two apartment complexes and an office will also be realized in the coming years. This creates a new part of the city on the site of the old post office. From the Stationsplein to the Dommel, Eindhoven will shine even brighter.

Central living, working and staying

The Social Hub is located at the Stationsplein of Eindhoven. The nearly eighty-meter-high building features rooms with both shared and private kitchens. Furthermore, on the ground floor, various amenities are available, such as a café-restaurant, fitness center, study and workshop spaces, lounges, auditorium and 24-hour security and reception. The project significantly contributes to the development of the Eindhoven station area, under the motto: 'Surround yourself with the City.' It not only forms the connecting zone with the city; it is also a pleasant place to stay.

"A proven and successful formula in the creative city of Eindhoven"

Successful pioneering

The Social Hub is the place where the needs of the demanding 21st-century student and the design-conscious traveler of today meet in a dynamic and highly urban harmony. By connecting long-term luxury student accommodation with short-stay facilities for the social globetrotter, The Social Hub pioneers a modern hybrid formula in hospitality.