Urban living next to your own park Schoemaker Plantage, Delft

On the former TNO site opposite Delft University of Technology, a completely new residential neighborhood is emerging with a centrally located city park and around 600 to 800 new homes. This makes a substantial contribution to the municipality of Delft's urban building program. This is urban park living in the most sustainable neighborhood of Delft, within cycling distance of the bustling city center.

  • Urban park living
  • Within cycling distance of the bustling city center
  • Zero-energy homes

Bedaux de Brouwer, WAM Architecten


Gemeente Delft


BAM Wonen


Under construction






Apartments, Houses

Number of homes

Two neighborhoods

Schoemaker Plantage consists of two sub-areas: Klinkerbuurt and Grasbuurt. These areas are connected by a city park. The Klinkerbuurt has largely been realized and the contours of the park have been laid out. The park provides space for temporary initiatives, such as cafes, picking gardens and vegetable gardens – all pleasant meeting places for residents. Later, the definitive layout will be determined, preferably in collaboration with the residents. In any case, many special trees will be planted, contributing to the atmosphere of the plantation. The cycling and walking routes in the new residential area connect to the existing network and a long diagonal sightline offers a view of the Nieuwe Kerktoren (New Church Tower) of Delft. This way, the Schoemaker Plantage and the old city center are strongly connected both physically and visually.

Here, you live surrounded by greenery and with urban amenities close by.

Net Zero Energy

The housing program is diverse, featuring spacious single-family houses, detached homes and apartments. The architecture ensures coherence, as it is executed as a contemporary interpretation of the well-known 'Delft School' style. The 'New Delft School' of Schoemaker Plantage creates an atmosphere that breathes both city center and garden village vibes. The homes are equipped with an extensive Net Zero Energy package, including solar panels and a heat pump.

The result: an energy bill of zero euros, with zero investment costs: these are already included in the purchase price and therefore easy to finance.

Living on the Edge of the City Park

The city park of Schoemaker Plantage connects Klinkerbuurt and Grasbuurt. Here, beautiful sustainable initiatives are being developed, such as a tiny forest and a worm hotel. The cycling and walking routes in the new residential area will all connect to the existing paths. This way, Schoemaker Plantage and the old city center will be well connected.

Surrounding Schoemaker Plantage is a very attractive piece of nature with unique banks. Ecologically significant for flora and fauna. The layout fits perfectly with a residential area like this. Lush, playful, and with plenty of play, seating, and walking opportunities.