The most sustainable residential-shopping area in the Netherlands Hart van de Waalsprong, Nijmegen

With the development of the Waalsprong, Nijmegen has taken the step to the other side of the Waal river. Over the past years, various sub-plans within this area development have been realized. A true central area as the heart of the neighborhood was still missing. AM and VanWonen are jointly filling this gap.

  • First energy-neutral shopping center in the Netherlands
  • The residential and shopping heart of the Waalsprong
  • Distinctive character

De Zwarte Hond


Gemeente Nijmegen, VanWonen, Portaal en Talis




Under construction


For sale and rental houses, Apartments




11,900 square meters of central functions and 500 homes. These will be divided among seven blocks. 280 homes for sale and 220 rental homes, including 101 social rental and 119 private sector rental homes.

The Plan

Hart van de Waalsprong is located in the Hof van Holland neighborhood. The newest neighborhood in Nijmegen-Noord is conveniently situated between Spiegelwaal, Graaf Alardsingel and the railway line. As the name suggests, Hart van de Waalsprong forms the residential and shopping heart of the Waalsprong area. Accessibility is excellent, whether by car, bike or public transport (Lent station is within walking distance). Additionally, Hart van de Waalsprong is close to the Waal river, the floodplains and the center of Nijmegen.

In Hart van de Waalsprong, there will be 500 homes for sale and rent (including 100 social rental apartments) and over 35 retail units with cozy dining options. The new urban district has a distinctive character due to its visible sustainability, water and greenery, exciting urban architecture and a striking central square. Everything comes together in the vibrant heart of the Waalsprong.

Meeting as a positive impact

Meeting is the central theme in the urban layout of the city center. This is possible in the central square as well as in the various "pocket parks" with a variety of recreational opportunities.

Hart van de Waalsprong is an area where multiple ambitions come together successfully.

Inclusive and climate positive

Investor Syntrus Achmea will take over the shops in the area and the private sector rental homes, while the Nijmegen housing corporations Portaal and Talis will acquire the social rental homes. This way, Hart van de Waalsprong becomes an "inclusive city".

AM's core theme of "move to climate positivity" is also clearly reflected in the area concept. The ambition to create the first energy-neutral shopping center in the Netherlands is evident in the solar panels and solar pergolas, as well as in the innovative rain gardens, public gardens, green roofs, and water features. Furthermore, sustainable mobility solutions are in place. We Drive Solar's shared electric cars store energy that can be used again in the evening if needed. Residents can use electric cars and bicycles scattered throughout the neighborhood with a mobility subscription.

Sustainable living

Energy-neutral living is the norm in Hart van de Waalsprong. The homes are sustainably designed to last a long time and have the smallest possible environmental impact. This means that residents of an energy-neutral home will have lower energy bills compared to a similar home that is not energy-neutral, with comparable usage.

Heart of the Waalsprong will be a vibrant, urban new residential area for everyone. There will be approximately 500 homes for sale and rent, ranging from townhouses to lofts and from apartments to mansions. The homes are spread across several residential blocks, each of which has been given a name referring to the flora, fauna or landscape elements in the Waal river basin.

The functional and social heart

Hart van de Waalsprong will become the functional and social heart of Nijmegen-Noord. The new shopping center will provide residents of the Waalsprong and surrounding areas with their daily and weekly groceries. Along with the hospitality and social and (para)medical care facilities, Hart van de Waalsprong will be the living room of the neighborhood.

The shopping center is divided into six blocks, with the majority of shops centered around the lively shopping square and the so-called fresh street. The shopping square will be designed as a vibrant place with terraces, a water (play) feature and logical walking and sightlines. All shops will be highly visible. Two major attractions of the shopping center, the full-service supermarket Albert Heijn and the discount supermarket ALDI, will be located on this square. Additionally, there will be cozy dining options with a true Nijmegen atmosphere. Between the two supermarkets, you'll find the fresh street with local specialties such as a bakery, butcher, liquor store and fishmonger.