Green and water-rich living Weespersluis, Noord-Holland, Weesp

Construction is underway on the Weespersluis residential area close to Amsterdam. An area development of no less than 300 hectares, one third of which is intended for buildings and two thirds for greenery and water. AM is one of the area developers here.

  • Just outside Amsterdam
  • Lots of space for nature and water
  • Three sub-areas

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gemeente Weesp, BPD, Adriaan van Erk, Blauwhoed, Van Wijnen


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Number of homes
Design for wellbeing

Important role for nature and water

Weespersluis will become a spacious and green residential landscape. It is very centrally located, 10 minutes by train from Amsterdam, close to 't Gooi and the Vecht. Nature and water play an important role. Only a third of the area will be used as a building ground. The rest remains open to water and greenery. Weespersluis will have a new water area that is connected to the Vecht and three parks that provide plenty of space for safe play, sports, walking and cycling. The historic center of Weesp is just a stone's throw away.

From Weespersluis you can soon sail straight into the Vecht!

Major area development

Measured in numbers, Weespersluis is not the largest area development in the Netherlands, but in terms of process the complexity is certainly impressive. One province, two municipalities, a water board and water company and the Central Government Real Estate Agency represent the public interests here. Five market parties operate on the private side, including AM; they work together in the development combination GEM Bloemendalerpolder.

Lanenrijk, Vechtrijk and Waterrijk

Weespersluis consists of three sub-areas; Lanenrijk, Vechtrijk and Waterrijk. Lanenrijk is a neighborhood with canals, avenues and courtyards in greenery. Vechtrijk is oriented on the Vecht and has the appearance of a fortified town. And in Waterrijk the homes are located in spacious green areas or on the water. There will be a variety of housing types in Weespersluis. A number of homes will soon be on the water with their own jetty. There will also be various public moorings. A total of approximately 3,550 homes will be built in Weespersluis in phases.