AM selected to develop Heemskerk station area into a nature-inclusive landscape with urban living.

6 March 2024

Area developer AM has been chosen by the municipality of Heemskerk – also on behalf of the municipality of Beverwijk – to redevelop the station area of the North Holland municipality. With the area vision ‘Onze Hoeve’ (‘Our Farm’), a unique combination of urban living in the landscape with a high circular ambition will emerge.

De Hoeve Heemskerk

The chosen area vision and spatial layout by AM build upon the rich history of castles and horticulture in Heemskerk. A history that encompasses community spirit and a strong relationship with the landscape, where solidarity and the green character come together in a contemporary form.

Ani Zaliyan, Councilor of Heemskerk, stated, "With this choice for AM, we take the next step in the development of the station area in Heemskerk. The vision developed by AM fits into the zeitgeist of scarce space, housing, and climate challenges. In the coming period, we will investigate the feasibility of the plan and further develop the vision."

Councilor Ali Bal, of the municipality of Beverwijk, adds, "I am pleased with the choice of a solid party like AM and am convinced that with their expertise in real estate and area development, they are well equipped to realize our joint ambitions for this important location."

'Onze Hoeve' includes four farms and the station area, consisting of residential buildings three to four stories high. Each farm has its own architectural appearance. There is a focus on a suitable amenities cluster in the plinths around the station square. The area vision provides for 250 to 300 homes for various target groups and approximately 1,700 m2 of (hybrid) facilities. We create attractive combinations of commercial and social amenities.

Steffan Kunst, Development Manager at AM Northwest, said, "Building upon the existing landscape, we are developing intimate, green neighborhoods where living and staying are pleasant, with a strong focus on ecological, climate-adaptive, and social connections. With the revitalization of the station square with amenities and affordable housing, the entire station area will become the calling card for Heemskerk and its surroundings."

Intimate neighborhood with space for nature

Each farm consists of four to five different, characteristic, small-scale residential buildings, positioned separately within the continuous natural landscape. Together, they form an intimate community with each having a collective garden with its own identity. An abundant green environment where residents and visitors can meet. Near the station, there will be a more mixed environment with amenities.

The landscape is designed in two structures: a continuous, publicly accessible park and semi-public, communal inner gardens within the farms. An informal network of paths connects the green station square with the surrounding neighborhoods and the new farms. Sustainability is a key focus. 'Onze Hoeve' will be nature-inclusive, promoting biodiversity and increasing the well-being of residents and neighbors. The residential blocks around the station square will be built using a biobased structural system. Recycled bricks or natural plaster combined with wooden facade elements will be used for the facades.

Public transport hub with vibrant station square

The lively station square with a green character serves as the transition to the public transport hub. The landscape connects the farms and apartment buildings around the green station square into one area, with a smooth transition from the lower farms to the more urban typologies around the station square.

Next step

Now that the municipality has chosen AM's area vision, the next step towards realization can be taken. This begins with a feasibility study, which includes participation and co-creation with residents and other stakeholders.

The Our Hoeve project team consists of AM, along with architecture firm MORE Architecture, Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners, and SITE Urban Development.