AM, The Municipality of Zaanstad and Rochdale confirm agreements regarding the development of Hilko.

28 March 2024

In the location of the former soap factory Hilko and the paint factory Evert Koning, area developer AM, the Municipality of Zaanstad, and Rochdale will develop the new neighborhood Hilko in the coming years. Due to its cultural-historical significance, the soap factory’s soap boiling house, office, and the old chimney will be preserved for Zaanstad. The Municipality of Zaanstad, housing corporation Rochdale, and area developer AM have confirmed the agreements made by signing a prior agreement.

Councilor Wessel Breunesse: "In addition to 116 homes, a green space will be created along the Zaan River, where neighbors and community members can meet. With this signing, living and working in an attractive new neighborhood along the Zaan River has come one step closer."

The new neighborhood Hilko is part of the Kogerveldwijk area development and the transformation of the Boerejonkerbuurt. Of the 116 planned homes, 24% will be social housing, 16% affordable purchase, and 60% free sector (rental/purchase). For the total area development of the Boerejonkerbuurt, including Hilko, the distribution of the housing program is 45% social housing and 35% mid-range purchase and rental.

Tamar Steenbergen, Deputy Director of AM Northwest: "It's great to see that after a period of planning, we can now give the area a concrete new purpose. This is partly due to the excellent cooperation with all parties in the area and the municipality. Hilko will be a beautiful new residential area with a lot of emphasis on sustainability, even for current residents."

Ready for the future

In the transformation of the Kogerveldwijk, of which Hilko is a part, great attention is being paid to sustainability. All new homes will generate energy for their own use, and the entire neighborhood will be climate-adaptive in the future. This means that measures will be taken to minimize waterlogging and heat stress as much as possible. Sustainable mobility with shared cars, bicycles, and scooters is also an important part of the plan.

Eric Nagengast, Director of Real Estate at Rochdale, says, "Hilko will be a pleasant, diverse neighborhood, built while preserving characteristic elements that recall the Zaandam of yesteryears. Rochdale is happy to contribute to this. We ensure that a quarter of the homes are for social housing. This way, affordable living remains possible here, even in this beautiful location along the Zaan River."