AM and BPD kick off realization of new sub-plan in Het Dorpshart in Hoef en Haag

1 February 2024

February 1, 2024 – Area developers AM and BPD are adding a new sub-area with 45 homes to Hoef en Haag. The new village on the Lek, where approximately 1400 homes have already been completed or are under construction, is developing steadily. All homes have been sold and are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

About Het Dorpshart

The offering in this new phase consists of 12 split-level homes, 24 terraced houses, 7 townhouses, and 2 semi-detached homes. All houses are designed in the popular Old Dutch architectural style, designed by Weusten Liedenbaum Architects.

The Village Center of Hoef en Haag is a cozy neighborhood with a village-like character, aimed at residents who feel at home in the social atmosphere of this community. The Brink is the heart of the village, where amenities such as a supermarket, school, childcare, and shops are located, providing space for social interaction. Parking mainly takes place in inner courtyards, keeping the streets and courtyards car-free and providing children with ample space to play safely outdoors.

Homes in Het Dorpshart exceed the latest sustainability guidelines. All homes will have an air-to-water heat pump that extracts, compresses, and uses ambient heat for heating tap water and the home (underfloor heating). Additionally, the homes are equipped with high-quality insulation. The storage units in Het Dorpshart (phase 4H) will be climate-adaptively designed with a moss-sedum roof. The construction is being carried out by BAM Wonen.

Councilor Teus Meijdam stated, "The number of people looking for a home in Vijfheerenlanden is increasing. As a municipality, our goal is to build a significant number of homes. We are very pleased that with the arrival of phase 4H of Het Dorpshart, another 45 new homes will be realized."

"With the start of construction of 45 homes in this next phase 4H of Het Dorpshart, we are taking a new step towards realizing our village dream. Together with the municipality, future residents, and our partners, we aim to not only build beautiful houses but also create a warm community. Het Dorpshart will not only be a place to live but a home where social connectedness is central," says Marije Gerverdinck, project director of Hoef en Haag CV.

Photo f.l.t.r.: Councilor Teus Meijdam, Marije Gerverdinck, and the future residents of the development.

Official ceremony

On Wednesday, January 31, a festive moment took place for residents and other stakeholders. Councilor Teus Meijdam of the municipality of Vijfheerenlanden, together with Marije Gerverdinck and the future residents, performed the official ceremony. This consisted of the symbolic laying of a foundation pole.

Over Hoef en Haag

Hoef en Haag CV (a collaboration between AM and BPD) is developing the new village of Hoef en Haag. Over the period until 2028, approximately 1,800 homes will be built in the village. In the past year, the milestone of one thousand homes sold has been reached. Hoef en Haag is a new village situated along the river Lek, within walking distance of the characteristic village of Hagestein, and within cycling distance of Vianen with all its amenities, while also being close to the heart of Utrecht. Here, people live in a genuinely rural setting yet remain close to the employment opportunities of the dynamic Utrecht region. The urban layout of Hoef en Haag is inspired by the ribbon development and the village-like character of fortified towns along the Lek. These residential atmospheres collectively create an attractive living environment for a wide audience in a new, sustainable village, where happy living and social cohesion are encouraged.