Living together in a charming courtyard Landscronerhof, Weesp

Located in Weesp, Landscronerhof is developed based on the concept of a classic beguine courtyard, but designed in the 'Fin de Siècle' style. Landscronerhof is a community where seniors and families reside together. Residents come together in the enclosed space of the communal courtyard and organize activities in the communal tea house. Activities include painting, pottery, cooking and yoga.

  • Multigenerational living
  • Enhances sense of community
  • Homes designed for all stages of life

Heren 5 Architecten


Gemeente Weesp


BAM Wonen






8 courtyard houses, 2 townhouses, a tea house and a communal courtyard

Number of homes

Young and old are there for each other

The courtyard forms a special place in the residential area Lanenrijk, where young and old are there for each other in one of the first sub-plans of the Weespersluis area development. Landscronerhof comprises ten lifelong homes and a communal tea house. Eight courtyard houses and two townhouses. The courtyard houses can be customized with a kitchen, living room, walk-in closet, bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor or with a stairlift to the two bedrooms with bathroom on the first floor. The two townhouses are located opposite each other and form the entrance to the Landscronerhof. These spacious family homes have a generous open kitchen and living room.

Here, older people and families live together

Part of the Weespersluis area development

The Landscronerhof is part of the Weespersluis area development. This consists of three sub-areas; Vechtrijk, Lanenrijk and Waterrijk where approximately 2,750 homes will be realized. Each sub-area has its own character; overarching is the 'Fin de siècle' architecture, a richly decorated style with indoor-outdoor spaces such as bay windows, conservatories, verandas, loggias and facades with a vertical character. The design of the homes fits into the residential atmosphere of the historic country estates along the Vecht river. In the new residential area, ample space has been left for parks, dikes, footpaths and water.

The urban amenities, but at the same time the abundant nature surrounding the area and the attention to public space and meeting places, make the new residential landscape of Weespersluis an attractive destination for starters, families, dual-income households and parents whose children have left home.