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With IMAGINE, AM sets the tone for the impressive area development of Feyenoord City, which will take shape along the Maas River in the coming years. With the development of around three hundred homes, AM responds to the high demand for affordable housing in Rotterdam and its surroundings. Much attention is paid to the green design of the immediate residential environment.

  • Affordable living
  • Climate-resilient courtyard
  • High level of sustainability

Barcode Architects, Buro Sant en Co


Gemeente Rotterdam


BAM, Heijmans


Under construction


Houses, Apartments




295 homes, including 133 rental units, courtyard and parking garage with 118 spaces.

Number of homes

Affordability as a common thread

The concept for IMAGINE aims to offer a wide variety of housing types and target groups, with affordability as a significant common thread. Two taller residential buildings are connected by a base, enclosing a spacious courtyard. In addition to apartments of various typologies, the project also includes two-story townhouses. The living areas range from 49 to 225 square meters. The homes are offered for sale as well as in the private rental sector, with some in the mid-range rental segment - an area of the housing market where there is also significant demand in Rotterdam. This approach aligns with AM's core theme of 'Create social impact'.

A dynamic environment that has it all. From living to sports. From park to entertainment.

Integration with the surroundings

The architectural design for IMAGINE is created by Barcode Architects. An important aspect of the design is its integration with the surroundings. Two gates offer views of the surrounding world. The 'Maas Window' is a gateway in the building on the side of Rosestraat, providing a beautiful view of the Maas River and the maritime activity there. Additionally, a gateway on Laan op Zuid, with a generous staircase, encourages interaction and movement by connecting the street and the courtyard. This also applies to the design of the courtyard itself - also known as the 'Groene Kuip' with a nod to the nearby Feyenoord Stadium.


The entire base of the building (which includes half of all the residences) is easily and pleasantly accessible by stairs. The green design of IMAGINE (designed by Sant en Co) contributes to various objectives: water retention, cooling on hot days and a pleasant outdoor climate. Climate resilience is thus a significant component of IMAGINE's sustainability concept.

Sustainable mobility

The mobility solution also contributes to sustainability. In the parking garage beneath the complex, there will be a mobility hub for ten electric shared cars. An extensive network of charging infrastructure in the parking garage provides residents with ease of use and caters well to the increasing demand for electric vehicles. Additionally, six parking spaces for electric shared cars will be reserved in the public area. Due to the proximity to public transportation (tram and train), residents of IMAGINE can easily and sustainably navigate the city.