Portaal, Hans Geveling Vastgoed and OC Hart van de Waalsprong sign for social rental apartments and commercial spaces

11 April 2024

Today, housing association Portaal, Hans Geveling Vastgoed and development combination Hart van de Waalsprong confirmed the purchase of 46 social rental apartments and 1050 m2 of commercial space in the Grutto building in Hart van de Waalsprong in Nijmegen. The development combination Hart van de Waalsprong is a collaboration between area developers AM and VanWonen. The ground floor of the apartment building will house branches of HEMA and Kruidvat.

The Grutto apartment building will be located on the south side of the lively Oranje Marieplein. The small-scale building designed by De Zwarte Hond has four floors above the shop plinth. With the realization of Grutto and the adjacent Front, the shopping center in Hart van de Waalsprong is complete.

Sustainable and affordable living

The arrival of 46 two- and three-room apartments means an expansion of the range of affordable rental properties for starters and young people in Hart van de Waalsprong. All apartments in Grutto will be gas-free and equipped with underfloor heating (district heating). Attention is also paid to a healthy and green living environment. Trees and greenery provide cooling, both in the public area and in the roof garden. And drought is combated by filtering and storing rainwater through wadis.

Marlies Krol, real estate director at Portaal: “There is a major shortage of affordable housing in Nijmegen for young people, single households and those moving on. Given the location in the vicinity of facilities, we want to add life-cycle suitable (walker accessible) apartments for the households of both starters and older people on the housing market. These 46 energy-efficient social rental homes are a nice addition to our housing portfolio. Together with the rental properties in the Bliek building, Portaal has a beautiful and diverse offering for our residents in the popular, new city center of Nijmegen.”

Final piece in the new residential and shopping heart of Nijmegen

Grutto is the final piece of the new residential and shopping heart of Nijmegen-Noord. Construction of the complex has now started. It is expected that the new residential and shopping center of the Waalsprong will be delivered in its entirety to the new residents and entrepreneurs in the spring of 2025. The 1050 m2 of commercial space on the ground floor of Grutto is taken over by Hans Geveling Vastgoed. With the establishment of both a HEMA and a Kruidvat branch, the great need for facilities for the Nijmegen-Noord district is increasingly being met. The apartments in Grutto are rented out through Entree approximately six months before completion.

René Steman, project director Hart van de Waalsprong adds: “We are happy that we are now starting the construction of the last block in the 2nd phase of Hart van de Waalsprong. This will be a very attractive living and shopping environment for our customers. With a lot of attention to special architectural details, and with a focus on a healthy living environment where many generations will enjoy living.”

Hart van de Waalsprong

Hart van de Waalsprong is located in the Hof van Holland district. The newest district of Nijmegen-Noord is conveniently located between Spiegelwaal, Graaf Alardsingel and the railway line. Hart van de Waalsprong is, as the name suggests, the residential and shopping heart of the Waalsprong. Accessibility is good, by car, bicycle and public transport (Lent station is within walking distance). In addition to the shopping center, Hart van de Waalsprong will have 524 owner-occupied and rental homes (147 of which are social rental apartments) and more than 30 retail units with various cozy catering establishments. The new city district has a distinct character through visible sustainability, water and greenery and exciting urban architecture.


In the photo from left to right: Marlies Krol (Portaal), Jan Ruitenberg (AM), Hans Geveling (Hans Geveling Vastgoed) and Jan Voorrips (VanWonen).