Municipality of Breda, a.s.r. real estate and AM sign agreement for first residential building ‘De Meeker’ in Hero of Breda

12 June 2024

Municipality of Breda, a.s.r. real estate and area developer AM signed an agreement at Provada today for the realization of the first residential building ‘De Meeker’ in the area development Hero of Breda. With this new area development, AM is developing Breda’s healthiest neighborhood.

The residential building ‘De Meeker’ that a.s.r. real estate has purchased from AM on behalf of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, consists of 102 apartments including 78 rental apartments in the middle segment and 24 free sector rental apartments. The new rental apartments meet the high demand for housing in Breda. Work on preparing the land for construction is now underway at the Hero van Breda site.

Green urban, sustainable and focused on physical activity and connection

Hero of Breda will be a green urban living environment and healthy neighborhood, focused on physical activity and meeting. Much attention is paid to the creation of a high-quality public space. Residents will be encouraged to exercise (more) and meet each other through an attractive, green and car-free inner area with plenty of room for interaction, sports and relaxation. The neighborhood will have its own living room, where residents can meet each other, and various activities will be organized and the shared mobility concept will be managed from the Hero van Breda residents' association that has been established.

In addition to health, sustainability is also an important focus of this area development. De Meeker will be connected to district heating and will have solar panels. Future-proof and sustainable materials will be used in the construction of the homes.

Alderman Arjen van Drunen (housing and health): “The character of this new neighborhood fits perfectly with Breda's vision of living in the future. Living in a neighborhood where people can meet and care for each other. Where residents together take ownership of the neighborhood's living room and where a car-free inner area ensures that there is room to play and exercise. So that residents can actually experience the green and healthy city together."

“For tenants, Hero of Breda is a very attractive location and for us a great acquisition that fits perfectly into the strategy of the housing fund, due to its location and rental in the middle rental segment, among other things. With the addition of new homes we can offer a home to a broad target group in a place where there is a great need for new homes,” said Robbert van Dijk fund director of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund.


The new building is an initiative of area developer AM with partners a.s.r. real estate (real estate asset manager), municipality of Breda, Diederendirrix (architect) and BAM Wonen (realization). These partners share the same vision: to create a new place for the city of Breda, where people will live in the healthiest district of Breda.

Filling in plan area

In addition to the realization of the 102 apartments for the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, AM will also realize 78 social rental apartments, 174 ground-level sales apartments, 48 sales apartments for starters and a first-line medical center HOED (Huisartsen Onder Een Dak) with twenty social care apartments attached.

Jaap van Engelshoven, deputy director AM Zuidwest: “With the sale of this apartment building we are taking a great step in our area development Hero of Breda. We are very pleased that in these challenging market conditions we have come to an agreement for the construction of 102 apartments and with this we meet the high demand for housing in and around Breda." The homes are expected to be completed in early 2026.

Start Building impulse

The municipality of Breda applied for start building impulse with the national government. This helped make the realization of the high-quality apartments possible. "After years of planning and consultation, it is finally going to start. The fact that the construction can now really start on short notice is good news for the developer, but also for all those people looking for a home. This will be a beautiful green neighborhood, with characteristic architecture that gives a nod to the industrial character of the former Hero site. Compliments to the developer, investor and builder. I am looking forward to the construction cranes in the area,” said Alderman Eddie Förster of Urban Development.