Highest point for 401 rental properties in Singelblok

24 May 2024

Development combination CZAN (developer Blauwhoed and area developer AM) festively celebrated the highest point of Singelblok with partners and employees at the construction site last week. The 401 homes, intended for social, middle and private sector rental, will be realized in the Elzenhagen Zuid residential area, Amsterdam Noord. This makes a wide range available for home seekers in Amsterdam.

Very diverse housing program in the rental segment

With its diversity of apartments in the rental segment, the Singelblok offers homes for a wide group of home seekers. Vesteda will soon rent out 171 private sector and 14 medium-priced rental properties. Eigen Haard rents 75 social and 75 medium-priced rental homes and 66 care homes to welfare organization PerMens. In addition, there are 101 parking spaces and 3 business premises. The realization is in the hands of Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling. The building is scheduled to be completed in 2025. Together, the parties involved want this part of Amsterdam North to become a good, liveable and varied place where new residents quickly feel at home.


The photo is from left to right: Raymond Schäperkötter: Senior technical acquisitions & development manager bij Vesteda Brahim Abid: Stadsdeelvoorzitter Amsterdam-Noord Niels Doodeman: Raad van bestuur Ballast Nedam NV | Algemeen directeur bij Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling Edwin Steeman: Projectmanager Bouw bij Eigen Haard

Space for meeting, catering and activity

In addition to the homes, there is also room for business and social facilities in the Singelblok. The ground floor will soon house businesses, restaurants and a community room where residents from the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods can meet each other.


Area development in the center area of ​​Amsterdam North

Elzenhagen Zuid, an urban residential area full of greenery, is currently in full development and will soon have 1,800 homes in both the rental and owner-occupied sectors.

It is part of the area development Center Area Amsterdam North (CAN). A new mixed urban district around the public transport hub Noord station. The starting station of the North/South line, with which Amsterdam CS can be reached within five minutes.

With these developments, not only the central function of Amsterdam North will receive a quality boost, but also the experience and quality of the city of Amsterdam as a whole. Future residents and visitors are assured of an excellent connection with the city.

AM and Blauwhoed previously realized Elzenhagen Noord, a residential area with approximately 600 homes and apartments, and the new Noorderkwartier residential area with 120 spacious family homes (sale) and 388 independent student homes (social rental) in the CAN area. In addition, approximately 650 apartments, 465 m2 of commercial space and two hotels have been completed in the Station area.