AM is initiating the final phase of Villapark Eikelenburgh in Rijswijk.

18 January 2024

January 18, 2024 – The completion of Villapark Eikelenburgh in Rijswijk is within sight. Area developer AM has initiated the final phase with 36 homes. In light of the progress of the construction, a festive gathering has been organized for the future residents. The homes of this ninth phase are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Villapark Eikelenburgh

Villapark Eikelenburgh is situated in the area between Sir Winston Churchilllaan, Mgr. Bekkerslaan, and Rijner Watering. Characteristic of this villa district is the distinctive and popular 1930s architecture of the Hague School. The project is set to be completed by the end of 2024, encompassing a total of over 250 homes. The realization is in the hands of BAM Wonen.

Varied and sustainable offerings for different target groups

The ninth and final phase consists of twelve townhouses (type Opaal), which were previously realized in the neighborhood, and 24 terraced houses (type Zirkoon). All homes are designed by Van Egmond Totaal Architectuur.

The houses are equipped with a heat and cold storage system. The heat accumulated during summer is used to warm the house in winter, while the cold accumulated during winter cools the house in summer. This makes the homes sustainable and future-proof. The sizes range from 96 m² (GFA) to 197 m². Prices ranged from €376,300 to €808,400 excluding costs. All homes were sold before the start of construction.

Official ceremony

The official ceremony on Wednesday, January 17, was carried out by councilors Armand van de Laar and Gijs van Malsen of the municipality of Rijswijk. A beautiful floor plate was laid at one of the townhouses, on which a lovely wish from the future residents and the councilors was written.

Gilbert Kokenberg, director of projects at AM, praised the excellent collaboration between the municipality, AM, and other parties. "This collaboration has ensured the creation of a distinctive neighborhood where people enjoy living. All homes in the neighborhood, from the start in 2012 to the realization of the final phase, exude the same quality."

Photo f.l.t.r.: Gilbert Kokenberg (AM), Carla van Heemskerk (BAM), councilors Gijs van Malsen and Armand van de Laar (gemeente Rijswijk).